Summary of Toyota Philippines Campaign

Aksi buruh TMPCWA menuntut pertanggungjawaban Toyota
  • The union called: Toyota Motors Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA). The union registered in 1998
  • The company called: Toyota Motors Philippines Company (TMPC). The company has two factories in Bicutan and Laguna province, and has 1,700 employees and produces 49,000 vehicles a year. It is one of 53 production bases of Toyota Motors around the world.
  • TMPC is the largest automobile manufacturer in the Philippines both in terms of production and sales.
  • They case is started in February 2001 (17 years ago) after the union organized two days spontaneous strike demanding the company to negotiate on collective bargaining agreement negotiation
  • After the strike 233 workers including union leaders is dismissed.
  • In March 2001, the union organized 2 weeks strike demanding the company to revoke the dismissed workers
  • After the strike the case brought to labour court, and in 2008 the supreme court decided the strike was “illegal strike”
  • 2001 security guards of the TMPC filed criminal complaints against some union officers claiming that they were threatened during the strike.
  • 2006, military personnel began to station in the premises of the TMPC plants. A contingent of troops has been placed near the office of the TMPCWA in Sta. Rosa. The union president Ed Cubelo experienced intimidation and threats posed by the military.
  • 2013 the criminal complaints filed against 20 members of the TMPCWA were withdrawn
  • 2016 TMPCWA launched the “Shame on Toyota” campaign in 2015 and conducted intense protect actions to amplify the effects of mediation efforts by the DOLE.
  • 2017, 17 to 23 July, TMPCWA staged a sit-in action outside the Malacanang Palace.
  • 2017, 16 to 23 August, TMPCWA staged a sit-in action outside the DOLE.
  • 2017 August, The secretary of DOLE sent a letter to Takeshi Uchiyamada, the Chairman of Toyota Japan to encourage Toyota Japan to take actions for the settlement.
  • NOW: TMPCWA and the Support Group are hoping to start an international campaign demanding on Toyota’s response to the letter from the secretary of the DOLE.

Solidarity with Japan group

  • 2001 The Support Group for TMPCWA was established
  • 2001 TMPCWA was invited to a seminar for workers in the automobile industry and held protest in Toyota’s head office in Tokyo.
  • 2001 a group of Japanese supporters visited the Philippines to lodge protests at the main office TMP and the Embassy of Japan.
  • October, 2001: The Support Group for TMPCWA was established in Japan
  • TMPCWA including independent trade union from Kanagawa Prefecture, non-governmental organizations including Japan Auto Workers’ Network and Yokohama Action Research
  • Since 2001, every year TMPCWA organized a two day protest in Toyota main office

International advocacy:

  • 2003 the TMPCWA filed a complaint against the government of the Philippines with the Committee on Freedom of Association of the ILO.
  • 2003 the committee of FOA of the ILO issued a recommendation to Philippines Government
  • 2004 the TMPCWA and the Support Group filed a complaint with the OECD National Contact Point (NCP) in Japan claiming that Toyota violates the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • 2010 NCP Japan issued the initial assessment, six years after the issue was raised.
  • 20019, ILO sent a 3-member High-Level Mission to the Philippines to investigate the cases filed by complainants in the country. The mission conducted interviews with the TMPCWA and TMPC management.
  • The mission report was issued and urged the government of the Philippines to seek a solution in line with the international labor standards rather than within the framework of the national legislation


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