Joint Statement of the KFC Worker’s Alliance


We, the workers of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), for many years have contribute to the development of the company. Our contribution had made the slogan “KFC Jagonya Ayam” become famous in Indonesia. The popularity should be the measure of the welfare of the workers and their families that shall improve now and then.

The company should recognized us, the workers of KFC, as assets that are irreplaceable and invaluable. This could be seen when the company stipulate policies that comply with the law.

According to described framework above, we protest to these followings:

  1. The Policy of company valid on 1 January 2018 which had reduced transportation costs for night shift which had always been given in the past. This reduction is at the expense of our overall income and would affect our work safety.
  2. Company policy that most likely would annul overtime pay or work incentives for the duty during mass leave.
  3. The company’s denial toward workers’ rights as stipulated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), such as:
    1. Recreation (outings) which were not given in four years
    2. Food allowances (extra food and vitamins) for workers in night operational shifts that are not given by the company
    3. Personal Protective Equipment (safety shoes) for cook and kitchen operational workers which are not provided by the company.

Given these violations, we the workers of KFC on the behalf of ‘KFC Worker’s Alliance’ demand the company’s management to:

  1. Continue comply with the rules which already improving our livelihood and without reducing or cancelling any of them for the sake of workers’ welfare and their families, and for the sake of human rights.
  2. Annul every efficiency policies, including reducing transport costs or the alleged annulment of overtime pay compensations for the duty during mass leave.
  3. Comply and fulfill the workers’ rights which already stipulated in the CBA

As for our determination, the first step begins from our fellow workers in KFC Raya Darmo by not taking transport costs from the 1st of January 2018 until the company shall respond to our demand.

If our demands are not met, we will organize a protest in the company’s headquarter, regional branches, partner company offices, and the consulate office of the United States of America. We will coordinate with the Branch and Central leaders of the organization which will help us advocate this problem and raise the issue to the national concern.

We have taken this statement as our form of responsibility as workers and to our families. We demand to be respected as our contribution have made the company could develop and expand the business.


Saturday, 6th of January 2018

On behalf of the KFC Worker’s Alliance


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